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is a corporate business transformation cork, and is locaded at Pinhal Novo - Setubal - Portugal

we are close to Lisbon - Portugal, 25 miles from Lisbon till the factory distance as provide you a faster move to Europe.

whit more than 20 years life time, we started production in 1994 with about 8 workers, now the company was dedicated exclusively to preparing Cork Amadia.



The company takes the first steps triturate Falca and cork shavings (Broken's)


Start the deactivation cork preparation sector process, and begin produce Falcas cork grainy product, for covering industry.


The company finally ends with the cork preparation sector, is main product the shavings cork, and the second a grany cork.

"In response to market developments and the need increase product added value, the company going up whit grany cork product, and this is it principal product."

Reginacork, begining to sale principal residue generated by the production.

The company achieve 7 april 2008, the certification of its quality management system, by the referer ISO 9001.


Reginacork upgrades production with two new lines, one with cork grany and the secound one cork shavings.


the Company start over whit 2 newest production lines, currently has 4 lines working hard.

Todays working on company, about 38 workers.




...Reginacork have mission produce shavings and grainy cork profitable for the company and market. that way, want...
Ensure all costumers satisfaction, by the implementation of product and service requirements .
Continuously improve the quality of our products and services.
Comply with the regulations applicable to the product.
Continuously improve the quality management system, according to standard NP EN ISO 9001

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